The Foodie’s Guide to Las Vegas!

Welcome back to another foodie’s guide! Since the other two posts from Mode Media were so successful- “The Foodie’s Guide to Key West and “The Foodie’s Guide to Barcelona-I decided to keep the trend going! I decided to do “The Foodie’s Guide to Las Vegas” for two reasons. 1) Las Vegas is a popular destination for New Year’s Eve! So, if you are heading there you should know there are countless places to eat. Everything from comfort food to fine dining is at your fingertips. Therefore, this guide gives you a list of the best restaurants in many categories including burgers at Shake Shack and the elaborate buffet at The Wynn Hotel. 2) My most popular and shared post this year is The Non-Gamblers Guide to Las Vegas. I am so happy people connected with this post! I have been to Las Vegas several times, had a blast and I do not gamble. Use The Foodie’s Guide to Las Vegas and The Non-Gamblers Guide to Las Vegas to make your trip there unforgettable! Thank you to Mode Media for this sponsored post.

Check out The Best Bites You’ll Find in Las Vegas

by Wendy Wofford-Garcia at Mode


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