Festival De Cannes 2012

cannes film festival

The 65th annual Cannes Film Festival was held May 16-27, 2012 in Cannes, France. I have personally never been to Cannes or the film festival but they are both on my bucket list! I love the glamour, the red carpet entries, the picturesque water setting of the French Riviera and of course-I love films.

The aim of the Festival is to encourage the development of the art of filmmaking in all its forms, while fostering and maintaining a spirit of collaboration among all filmmaking countries” (extract from the Festival policy, 1948.)

About Festival De Cannes: The festival is for film professionals only. Films are selected from all over the world and placed into different categories including “The Official Selection” and short films. A jury of industry insiders then decides the winners and awards are given out on the last day.

This year’s nominees include many recognizable actors and film makers. “Moonrise Kingdom” is directed by Wes Anderson, “Lawless” stars Shia Labeouf, “Cosmopolis” stars Robert Pattinson and is directed by David Cronenberg, “Mud” stars Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon and is directed by Jeff Nichols, “Killing Them Softly” stars Brad Pitt and is directed by Andrew Dominik and the film I am most excited to see-“The Paperboy”.

“The Paperboy” stars Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey (ladies that’s probably enough of a selling point J), John Cusack, Nicole Kidman and David Oyelowo . The screenplay and direction is by the accomplished Lee Daniels. Lee Daniels is most recently known for his direction of the film “Precious, Based on the novel Push by Sapphire” (2009) which earned Monique an Academy Award. He also produced “Monster’s Ball” (2001) which earned Halle Berry an Academy Award and “The Woodsman” (2004) in which Kevin Bacon played a pedophile. “The Woodsman” garnered critical acclaim.

But I digress! Back to “The Paperboy”. It is the story of a young man (Zac Efron) who returns to his hometown in Florida to help his brother (Matthew McConaughey) work on a case of an imprisoned man (John Cusack) who is on death row. Zac Efron’s character falls for the convict’s lover (Nicole Kidman). I have heard reports that the acting is phenomenal and that the scenes between the “mature” Nicole Kidman and the younger Zac Efron are passionate to say the least.

The full list of movies and winners can be found @ http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/festival.html

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