Top List of Travel Tips by BarrisTourista!

Top List of Travel Tips by BarrisTourista!

Top List of Travel Tips by BarrisTourista

I am thrilled to welcome back my travel blogger friend Tyra of BarrisTourista for another guest post on travel tips! Tyra first appeared on this blog with the post “Top 5 Restaurant Picks: Delicious Chicago Eats.” On her travel and foodie blog, Tyra has a category entitled “Tyra’s Travel Tips“. In this category she shares posts with helpful and practical information to make your trips go smoothly. I decided to do a round up of my favorite posts from this category to share with my readers. Be sure to check out the entire category for more posts on travel tips!

  1. Do’s and Don’ts of Glitch Airfare Etiquette: This blog post was epic. Have you ever wondered how some people fly around the world for prices less than you pay to fly to another state? If so read this and find out the proper etiquette for booking a glitch airfare.
  2. Top Three Sites for Finding a Travel Deal: There are sooo many great websites for this out there but I must admit the three listed here are also my favorite. Take a look!
  3. Travel Tip: How to Budget for Travel: How many times have I heard people say they don’t travel because they can’t afford it? All the time! Planning is key and Tyra show you how.
  4. Register With STEP When Traveling Abroad: STEP stands for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Now more than ever it is very important to learn about this program and sign up.
  5. Buddy Passes 101: Have you ever traveled on a buddy pass? I wish I had this opportunity more often. However, it has pros and cons that you should be aware of.
  6. How to Avoid a Huge Cell Phone Bill When Traveling Overseas: Turn off your data!! lol Well there is a lot more to it and Tyra gives you great options.

I am sure you will find this round up of posts on travel tips useful. Happy Traveling! Be sure to follow Tyra along on her travels!

Tyra of BarrisTourista Travel & Foodie Blog
Tyra of BarrisTourista Travel & Foodie Blog

Tyra is the creative force and editor of BarrisTourista Travel and Foodie Magazine. BarrisTourista focuses on travel experiences, foodie recommendations, local insights, and travel tips. Tyra loves to tell stories with words and photography. She is also an attorney that assists small businesses and creatives with the business and intellectual property needs.





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