50 Amazing Black Travel Bloggers

Follow these amazing black travel bloggers listed below to get a diverse line up in your Instagram feed.  I am sure you will love them as much as I do.

Oneika  The Traveller

Oneika is a trailblazer She speaks her mind about everything including the lack of diversity in travel blogging. Besides her blog, you can also catch her on Travel Channel’s Big City, Little Budget & One Bag and You’re Out.

Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel

Carol is outspoken on her blog, on social media and in her work as a consultant about the need for diversity in travel blogging.  These days she is busy running @BraveWorldMedia

Erick Prince of Minority Nomad

Erick wants to be the first African-American to travel to every country and I have no doubt that he will accomplish this.  He has already traveled to 95 countries. 

Olivia of O. Christine Blog

Olivia is a travel and wellness blogger. She left the hustle and bustle and stress of corporate America to find her own path on the road. Olivia often spends weeks to months in a destination and really gives you a sense of the people, place and culture.

The travel industry lacks diversity. People of color are not well represented.  Swipe up to see the full list of black travel bloggers and show them some love.