Visiting Chattanooga, TN

Things to Do in a 24 Hour Visit

Chattanooga is the perfect USA road trip destination!  Have you heard of Ruby Falls or Rock City or Lookout Mountain? They are all located here.  If you are only spending 24 hours in Chattanooga, here is a quick post to help you get the most of your stay!

There are several hotels to choose from, but I chose to stay downtown at The Chattanoogan Hotel.  It is in a convenient location at which you can walk to many local attractions.

Where To Stay in Chattanooga

You can actually walk to most major attractions downtown. But Chattanooga also has an electric shuttle that runs regularly through the downtown area. It is free, runs at night and there are locals and tourists that use the service.

How To Get Around Chattanooga

Best Places to Eat in 


Easy Bistro in the downtown area has the distinction of a James Beard Foundation Award nomination for 2016.  I decided to try out cocktails and a few dishes at the stylish bar. I had my first “frose” which is frozen Rose cocktail. It was tasty and refreshing!

The Best Things To Do in Chattanooga, TN

Rock City has a lot to offer. Although I went there to see Lookout Mountain, there were beautiful gardens along the way.   There is minor hiking and walking through narrow pathways involved. I even walked over a suspension bridge en route.

Ruby Falls

Along the way to the falls, the tour guide points out the unique formations of stalagmites, columns and stalactites in the cave. When we finally arrived to Ruby Falls I was honestly exhausted. But, it was great to finally check this one off my bucket list. 


So what do you think? What are your favorite things to do in Chattanooga?  Share your thoughts with us!