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“Sophisticated: to be altered by education and experience.”

Meet Dr. Nadeen White. “Travel Content Creator & Entrepreneur by Day, Physician by Night”. She is the creator & writer for the award-winning blog-The Sophisticated Life & owner of the award-winning travel company Culinary Travels. The Sophisticated Life. She strives to inspire others to travel around the world by  sharing personal travel experiences and providing detailed travel guides. The Sophisticated Life covers affordable luxury travel, culinary travel & wine. Dr. White is also an author, speaker and medical expert with coverage of international travel recommendations, travel emergencies and the Coronavirus Pandemic as seen on CNN. She is also a bestselling author with the release of her travel Ebook series on Amazon. 

Dr.White was an O Magazine Insider and was a founder and board member for the Black Travel Alliance as well as a Travel Health expert for Wanderful.

In 2023 Nadeen launched “Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life“. Culinary Travels are bespoke food + wine experiences to destinations all over the world. In the inaugural year, travelers had immersive & unforgettable experiences in Morocco, Northern Italy & on a river cruise through Provence & Burgundy in France!

2024 will be just as remarkable as we take food & wine enthusiasts to Mexico City, Barcelona & Costa Brava, Morocco 2.0 & South Africa-Cape Town & The Winelands!

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Enjoying a Tagine dish in Marrakech- beef with prunes.

Who am I? 

I am an award-winning travel blogger, an Amazon bestselling author and proud creator & editor of the travel blog-The Sophisticated Life, LLC.  I love being a pediatrician and I also love expressing my artistic side through blogging. I am married, have a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends. I travel with them all and solo!

I am in a constant state of wanderlust, a foodie, an oenophile and lover of music and the arts. In 2020 I received my Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 wine certification with distinction (high score). 

My friends call me “The Mayor” since I am known for organizing and bringing people together. I help others find great travel deals and assist with trip planning.  I love doing travel research and I get very excited about building itineraries.

Based on this experience, I decided to launch Culinary Travels. These small group trips of 12-15 people will take place in some of my favorite destinations like Stellenbosch South Africa, Barcelona Spain, Napa Valley California as well as discovering new places such as Argentina, Sicily & let’s drink sake and eat sushi in Japan! I am also excited  about doing food + wine themed cruises.

culinary travels by the sophisticated life, wine tasting in morocco
2023 Culinary Travels-Wine tasting in Morocco!

Where am I from?

Born in New York City and of Jamaican heritage, I have always had ambition and a drive for success. After spending my first 10 years of life in the beautiful and vibrant island of Jamaica, I lived in Northern New Jersey with frequent visits to NYC and South Florida.

The exposure to Broadway, Chinatown, Little Italy, and the vast museums in the NYC area first ignited my passion for great food and the arts. I continued to pursue these passions during my adult years while living in the Washington DC area, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I currently reside in the vibrant and diverse city of Atlanta, Georgia.

I will be moving to Detroit next year so look out for new posts and travel information on Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding area!

What should you expect from The Sophisticated Life (TSL)? As I matured my passion for travel, culture, food, wine and the arts grew. So, I decided to create a website to “Live. Travel. Share.” The idea of this site is to share my travel experiences with others in an effort to inspire them to travel all over the world. I truly believe that travel breeds tolerance. Being exposed to other cultures and interacting with people from all walks of life has made me a better person. I discuss this on the podcast “Globetrotter Lounge” by Jet Set Lisette. 

I also provide travel planning guides which allows my readers to get to the destination of their dreams. Once in those destinations, they have access to lists of things to do & see, where to eat and what to drink. With Culinary Travels, I can now show travelers all these places myself!

My 3 Amazon bestselling travel Ebooks cover all these topics. “Travel Guides to Your Favorite Destinations“, “USA Wine Guide for Travelers” and “Culinary Travel: Food & Wine“. Take a look at my Amazon author page and follow me to be informed of new releases. 

Amazon Bestselling Author, travel blogger, nadeen white, travel guides, travel guides to your favorite destinations
One of 3 Bestselling Amazon Travel Ebooks!

What do I like to do and write about?

In the travel section of my blog you will find my personal experiences and stories of traveling around the world. You will also find multiple travel planning guides as well city and country guides. I am a major foodie so look out for restaurant reviews, food festivals and information on famous chefs. I am a wine enthusiast and enjoy sharing information on wines, wine regions and tasty cocktails with my readers. In 2020 I received my WSET (Wine + Spirits Education Trust) Level 2 certification.

 What are my areas of expertise?

Building a successful travel blogging brand, luxury travel on a budget, culinary travel, wine & travel, destination travel guides, cruises, couples travel, balancing a professional career & a blogging career, health & travel related topics such as travel insurance, DVTs, Fear of Flying, preparing for International vacations including surviving long-haul flights.

What have I accomplished? 

In 2023 I was awarded the “Innovator/Who’s Got Next” award at the Wine & Culture Fest from The Hue Society for Culinary Travels.

In 2020 I appeared on CNN to cover the Coronavirus Pandemic. I discussed travel issues related to the pandemic. I have also been quoted and featured in major media outlets such as MSN Lifestyle, Travel Channel, Essence Magazine, Fox News , USA Today, Matador Network & TripSavvy.

2019: Amazon Bestselling Author:

Travel Guide to Your Favorite Destinations

USA Wine Guide for Travelers

Culinary Travel: Food & Wine

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