Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers!

Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers! Everything you need to know to attend this magical event! Includes information on purchasing tickets, preparing for the event, costs and what to expect at Diner en Blanc!

Diner en Blanc officially called “Le Diner en Blanc” but also called “DEB” is an all-white, outdoor, fancy dinner party that has become a phenomenon across the globe. Guests arrive from different locations throughout a city to one secret location-usually a landmark in that particular city. I first heard about DEB years ago when I saw a Youtube video of Diner en Blanc in Paris. It looked absolutely magical! I found out that they had these dinners in the U.S. but unfortunately my city of Atlanta was not listed until 2014.  I made every attempt to attend it this year and it was worth it! Diner en Blanc Atlanta 2015 took place on Peachtree Street in front of the iconic Fox Theater and had roughly 1700 attendees.

The Diner En Blanc Guide for First-Timers! Everything you need to know to attend this unique & magical event and have a blast!
Diner en Blanc in Atlanta in 2015!

Being able to attend this event takes timing, strategy and a lot of coordination if you plan to go with a group. In this Diner en Blanc guide for first timers I will walk you through the process of how to purchase tickets, how to prepare for the event and most importantly how to have a blast! But first a little history…

The History of Diner en Blanc:

If you are going to go to this event you should know how it originated! In 1988 a Frenchmen named Froncois Pasquier invited a group of his friends to an outdoor dinner party in Paris. The requirements were simple. Wear formal white attire, be able to enjoy good food and wine and even better company. Guests were expected to exhibit elegance and proper etiquette. He did not reveal the location of the event until the last minute and this tradition remains today. 27 years later, Diner en Blanc in Paris hosts 15,000 people annually! It can be found in over 50 cities spanning 5 continents including Dubai and Jamaica! Funny note-In Kingston, Jamaica Diner en Blanc broke the internet since my awesome countrymen were very confused as to why so many people were in one place dressed in fancy white clothes 🙂 People actually travel from city to city and from country to country just to attend different Diner en Blanc events!

Diner En Blanc Guide for First-Timers!
Good friends gathered at our meeting location in the traditional white attire of Diner En Blanc

Purchasing Diner en Blanc Tickets:

In order to attend Diner en Blanc you must first purchase tickets. This is not a simple process and due to the confusion many people miss out on this amazing event. I will walk you through the steps.

a) The Phases: Tickets are sold in phases that open for purchasing at different times. In Phase 1 close friends of the organization, its leaders, previous attendees/members and volunteers are able to purchase tickets. Volunteers attend for free, act as table leaders and are given 3 invitations. If interested, sign up on the Diner en Blanc website to be a volunteer. In Phase 2 friends invited by those in Phase 1 may purchase tickets. In Phase 3 the remaining tickets are offered to those on the waiting list. Since there are usually thousands of people on the waiting list these tickets go very fast. In order to be on the waiting list you must sign up/register on the Diner en Blanc website for the city that you are interested in. Select your continent then country then city. Look for the area on the right to log in or create an account. The cost per person ranges from $30-45 which covers transportation plus $8 for membership. Tickets are purchased as a pair and everything is based on 2 people throughout the process.

b) Email Invitations: Once registered, you will receive an email invitation a few weeks before the event letting you know the date and time but not the location. If you would like to attend the event with friends be sure to forward them this email so they can also register for your city. Anywhere from 48 hours to 1 week before the event you will receive another email letting you know when your purchasing phase will open. This email will contain a link to their website and guide you through the steps to purchase tickets. Please take note of the date and time that your tickets go on sale! Set your alarm and alert all your friends who are registered! These tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis and will sell out fast.

c) Table/Seating assignments: Follow this part very closely! There will be several meeting locations around your city to choose from. There will be one group leader for each location. However, there may be several bus/table leaders. Bus leader and table leader are used interchangeably so be aware of that. This is crucial while purchasing tickets. You first select a location in your city, you then select a group leader, and lastly you select a bus/table leader. Everyone must select the same bus/table leader in order to sit together at the event! Per current Diner en Blanc rules, they do not switch attendees to different buses prior to the event. However, you may be able to switch with people on other buses/tables on the day of the event.

The Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers!

Preparing for Diner en Blanc:

So you have purchased your tickets. Now what? A lot that’s what! Preparing for this event was not easy!

a) Attire: You should dress in all white including your shoes. Get creative and add fascinators, hats and masks! Start shopping for your outfit during the summer since it is hard to find white clothes after Labor Day! Women-wear flats and bring heels to change into at the event since you may have to walk a bit to get to the event location. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on attire and table decor.

b) Tables: The Diner En Blanc website will list requirements for table sizes and recommend locations to both rent and purchase tables and chairs. Compare prices on Amazon, Ikea, Target and Walmart. You will need to bring a table, tablecloth, cloth napkins, table décor, utensils, plates and glasses. Everything should be white. However, your table can be any color since it will be covered by a tablecloth. You will also need bottled water, lighters for the sparklers during the event and garbage bags to take all your trash with you. Pack light and use a pulley to transport your items. Anything that you use to transport your items must be able to fit underneath your table. You will find most of what you need for table décor and linens in Bed Bath & Beyond and even a dollar store. Do a trial run of setting up your table and décor prior to the event to make sure everything fits and is pretty!

Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers!
Table Essentials for Diner en Blanc.

c) Food & Drink: Typically there is a 3 course meal of appetizer, entrée and dessert at Diner en Blanc. You may bring your own food or purchase catered meals on the Diner en Blanc online store. You will have access to this while purchasing tickets and after your account is set up. Per Diner en Blanc rules, you cannot bring your own alcohol to the event. You must purchase alcohol on their online store. They have bottles of champagne and wine available for purchase. I went with the Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne and it was yummy! I even received two white goblets to go with it!

The Diner En Blanc Guide for First-Timers! Everything you need to know to attend this unique & magical event and have a blast!
My Fabulous Friends and I at Diner en Blanc in Atlanta!

Diner en Blanc Event Day:

a) Be sure to be on time to your location! The buses will leave you and remember-you will not know the secret location of the event. Find and check in with your bus/table leader.

b) Once you get to the Diner en Blanc event location you will quickly set up your table, chairs and décor. Then, get ready to eat, drink and party! It is truly a sight to behold once everyone has arrived and set up! The words that come to mind are elegant, sophisticated and just plain fabulous. While dining we listened to live music and then the DJ came on. People were busting moves on the dance floor AND dancing in the aisles.

Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers!
Having fun in the Diner en Blanc photo booth!

c) Some of the traditional moments that take place during the event are the napkin wave, lighting of sparklers and taking photos at the Diner en Blanc photo booth. You can get a feel for how spectacular this event is by watching the video I mentioned below.

Whew-you made it through my Diner en Blanc guide for first-timers! I hope you find it very helpful! Have you been to Diner en Blanc? If so where? Share your thoughts with us below! Visit the F.A.Q page of Diner en Blanc for further information.

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Diner en Blanc Guide for First-Timers! Everything you need to know to attend this magical event and have a blast!








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