Manhattan Beach: A Picturesque Oasis 15 minutes from LAX!


Many people may find this hard to believe. If you have flown into LAX- Los Angeles International Airport- then you are quite aware of the how congested the surrounding area is. Filled with fast food chain restaurants, motels, hotels and several highways emptying lanes of traffic into various terminals, parking garages and rental car lots.

But drive simply 15 minutes SW of the airport on highway CA 1 pass El Segundo ( I kept singing the song “ I left my wallet in El Segundo” by A Tribe Called Quest” every time I drove pass the signage), and north of Hermosa Beach and you will all of a sudden reach the picturesque city of Manhattan Beach. I mention in my blog post “Discovering 5 New Things in an Old City: Los Angeles” that I love exploring new places and there are so many beach towns along the California coast besides the popular destinations such as Santa Monica and Venice Beaches.

What struck me about this city were the multitude of perpendicular streets that emptied into the ocean. They were lined with some of the most gorgeous homes I have ever seen! In addition,  many streets were filled with quaint shops, restaurants with outdoor patios and of course the gorgeous beach cornered by mountain views.  I came home and did some research to find out if maybe one day I could own one of these gorgeous beach homes. Well as it turns out, Manhattan Beach residential prices are among the highest in the state of California averaging at 1.8 million! I did see a home for rent on the beach for $6000 a month. So if I can get 10 people to go in with me…

Since it is so “picturesque” I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking…



Yes my initials! If only I owned this I could own something listed below! :-)

I first saw this house on Just Unreal!

Obviously a popular breakfast place!

There was a fancy party going on and I wanted to join in! lol

Streets in "The Hill" area lined with gorgeous beach homes. Perpendicular to the ocean!

Yes Please! Ill take it!

Volleyball is very popular and they host many national tournaments



Beautiful Beach Home

Restaurant with outdoor patio in town

Very lush tropical home

A flower shop


Love this view! #perfection



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