25 Amazing Black Travel Bloggers You Should Follow!

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Since February is Black History Month and a month to celebrate people you love, I decided to share with you 25 amazing black travel bloggers that I love. These black travel bloggers range in age, sex and travel niches. Although I have been blogging for years now, this is my first round up of black travel bloggers. I have admired many of these travel bloggers over the years and they have inspired me and supported me in this travel blogging journey. Another reason I wanted to feature these amazing black travel bloggers is because too often travel blogging lists look the same and lack diversity. Besides paying homage to the pioneers that you are probably familiar with, I wanted to showcase new and less familiar black travel bloggers. There are so many of us out here. I have chosen Instagram as the means to introduce them because Instagram has also become very uniform in terms of what types of bloggers and photos get seen. Follow these amazing black travel bloggers listed below to get a diverse line up in your Instagram feed. I am sure you will love them as much as I do. It was actually hard to find pictures of some of these black travel bloggers on their Instagram accounts because their accounts are so focused on travel and beautiful photography.

1. Oneika The Traveler: When I first started travel blogging, Oneika was the first person I could identify with. At the time, I honestly didn’t see any other black female travel bloggers on social media. Oneika is a trailblazer and I am so happy for her success. She speaks her mind about everything including the lack of diversity in travel blogging. Besides her blog, you can also catch her on Travel Channel’s Big City, Little Budget & One Bag and You’re Out.

NEW BLOG POST | Things to do in New Orleans (because there's more to the city than Mardi Gras)! #LinkInBio #ad . Ok, so… why the heck didn't anybody tell me about New Orleans!??! I thought it was strictly a party city for the young folk but boy was I wrong. I went for the first time last month and LOVED it! It has so much flavour and flair– and best of all there are activities for every age level and interest. . So in my newest blog post I write about the wide range of things you can do there besides Mardi Gras (because it's so much more than that)! Go to the link in my profile and check it out! . Have you ever been? I'm thinking I need to go back for the Essence Festival! . @visitneworleans #FollowYourNOLA #nola #louisiana #blackgirlmagic #visittheusa #thetravelwomen #travelnoire #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #iamtb #traveloffpath #sidewalkerdaily #wegotoo #blacktravelfeed #girlsborntotravel #essencetravels #blackslayingit #dametraveler #worldnomads #beforeidie

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2. Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel: I have also been following Carol for years and have had the privilege of meeting her in person. Carol is outspoken on her blog, on social media and in her work as a consultant about the need for diversity in travel blogging. She gave an excellent opening keynote speech at TBEX North America in 2015. She encouraged everyone to share their unique stories based on their different backgrounds. She also connects brands with blogger with her new venture @BraveWorldMedia

Hello #WinterSolstice! ❄️❄️❄️

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3. Erick Prince of Minority Nomad: Erick wants to be the first African-American to travel to every country and I have no doubt that he will accomplish this. He has already traveled to 93 countries. Erick is not only a great travel blogger but he is also a vlogger and an accomplished photographer. He has the unique ability to capture humanity in pictures from all over the world.

4. Lola Akinmade Akerstrom is a travel blogger, an award-winning National Geographic photographer and author of two novels-Due North and Lagom Book. Her pictures are stunning.  Lola definitely has a sense of adventure and will travel to popular tourist destinations or places off the beaten track to reveal their beauty.

So excited to announce my book "LAGOM – The Swedish Secret to Living Well" drops worldwide on August 10! Thank you so much @headlinehome and @headlinebooks for bringing this wonderful book to life! Learn more at www.lagombook.com Here's a quick peek at the first 7 of 12+ foreign editions so far! A piece of the puzzle. Find the rest on my profile. . . ——————————————– More: www.lagombook.com Twitter: LolaAkinmade Facebook: GeotravelersNiche ——————————————– . . . #BBCTravel #LoveTheWorld #NordicTB #Svenskaresebloggar #WeAreInfluencers #iamtb #instatravel #travel #NGTUK #natgeotravel #travelblogger #fodorsonthego #scandinavianphotographers #lagom #lagombook #livelagom #livinglagom #lagomliving #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #bookshelf #wellness #swedishstyle #scandinavia #sweden #swedish

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5. Olivia of O.Christine Blog: Olivia is a travel and wellness blogger. She left the hustle and bustle and stress of corporate America to find her own path on the road. Olivia often spends weeks to months in a destination and really gives you a sense of the people, place and culture. She was recently part of a guest post on my blog discussing how housesitting helps her see the world.

6. Ernest of Fly Brother: Ernest is a travel blogger, host of his own TV show and podcast. Look out for Ernest as a speaker at a travel conference near you. He is also hosting travel events. If you are looking for information on Brazil-he is your go to guy. I am waiting on him to plan to trip to Bahia.

7. Ashlee of Will Drink for Travel-a travel and spirits blog: Ashlee is a girl after my own heart because she incorporates wine and cocktails into her travels. If you are traveling to a destination, she shares great tips on places to go, places to drink and to eat. Ashlee was recently featured on Thrillist and can be seen as a travel contributor on Baltimore TV.

8. Travis Levius of Mister Levius: Travis is a luxury travel writer living in London. Travis is living his best life right now! Besides writing for publications all around the world, he has a fabulous YouTube channel. Travis is also a speaker and a consultant. We were both featured in the January Griots Republic luxury issue.

The Beau of the Ball. 🕴🏿🕴🏿 [ @Kaffeesiederball | Vienna ]

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9. Francesca of One Girl One World: Francesca has studied and worked abroad and speaks 3 languages.  She is the author of the world’s first digital English Guide to Martinique. Her Instagram photos will have you hopping on a plane to the Caribbean.

10. Ashley of Travel Lushes: Ashley is an Instagram star. Her pictures are breathtaking and garners 2000, 3000, 4000+ likes! She describes her brand as “eco-luxe travel and lifestyle content creator”. Her YouTube videos really capture the beauty of each destination she travels to. And, she does road trips and camps in her Tesla.

✈️ Have you been keeping up with my IG Stories? Tell me your favorite place I've been to so far! ★★ 😴 Woooo y'all I'm exhausted. In a good way. I've been traveling nonstop and country hopping with @Dannyriversmitchell from @blackgirlstraveltoo for over a week, which is why I've been slacking on posting photos. We get up early, get back late, sleep, and repeat. And I'm loving it! ★★ 🍷 Currently I'm trying to keep my eyes open after drinking wine all day. Right now we're in a country where that's totally normal and you know I like to blend in with the locals 😉 So bottoms up! ★★ 👉🏽 PS. Catch up on all the shenanigans from the past week by checking out my IG Story highlights! ★★ . . . #grandcanyon #arizona #visitarizona #explorearizona #outdoorwomen #womenwhoexplore #womenwhohike #travelnoire #blackgirlmagic #indianblogger #blackgirlswhoblog #wildernessbabes #mountaingirls #adventurelife #schooloftravel #iamtb #nationalparks

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11. Tausha of The Globe Getter: Tausha works fulltime but still makes time to travel around the world. On her blog, you can find tips on how to travel efficiently, travel stories, travel tips and travel guides. Tausha also shares my love of Jamaica. She has been featured in Travel & Leisure, Buzzfeed and Afar to name a few.

12. Nathan of World Wide Nate: Nathan is an adventurer, blogger, and TV Host. You can follow his travels on his YouTube channel and on his new show on UMC.tv  “World Wide Nate: African Adventures”.

13. Roni of Roni The Travel Guru: Roni has lived abroad, speaks several languages and has 25 years of travel industry experience. Roni shares this knowledge and travel tips with you on her blog. She is also the author of the book “How to travel to Paris like a rock star: Even if you have an indie band budget”.

14. Nicole of I Luv 2 Globe Trot: Nicole is an expat with a wealth of travel knowledge and experience. She currently resides in the Middle East but globetrots to destinations near and far. If you are looking for the best hotels and spas in the UAE-this is the place to go. Nicole has built up a community of over 4000 expats and travel enthusiasts in her Facebook group. She is also the author of “A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad”. Nicole and I were also part of the Jetsetter Roundups travel series. Check it out for valuable travel information.

15. Courtney of Thirty30Courtney: Courtney is on a mission to travel to 30 states and countries by the age of 30. Her count is currently at 22/30.  Courtney works full time but makes excellent use of her time often jet-setting to several countries on one trip. She shares interesting and inspiring stories on her blog.

16. Tyra of BarrisTourista: Tyra is a fulltime attorney, a travel blogger, a photographer and an entrepreneur. She is also a speaker at blogging conferences discussing copy write laws and trademarks. Her travel subscription box “WanderAway” has been featured in Travel & Leisure and several other publications. Each box has a travel theme or represents a country. Expect handcrafted goods, foodie items and travel gear from around the world.

17. Hey Ciara: Ciara quit her job to travel the world solo! Her Instagram pictures are stunning and informative. Her blog provides even more information with travel guides to beautiful locations around the world.

18. Lauren of Outdoorsy Diva: Lauren is an adventurous blogger and outdoor enthusiast. Read her travel stories on a solo trip to the Azores, glamping, visiting a nudist camp, spending the night in a tree house and a yurt. You can also find her tubing, canoeing, kayaking or zip lining. Lauren’s adventurous spirit doesn’t end with travel. She is also a foodie and will share her unique eats in her hometown of Tampa and while traveling.

19. KemKem of Next Bite of Life Blog: KemKem and her husband live in Spain and travel extensively throughout Europe and beyond. Like me, she has a love of history, architecture and food.  KemKem and her husband take their time in exploring each destination so her blog posts are full of useful information. She also contributed to the Housesitting 101 guest post.

20. Holly of HollyDayz Travel: Holly is a travel blogger and a travel vlogger. Holly’s blog posts tell you what you need to know prior to going to a destination and what to expect once you get there. If you do not have a lot of time, expect her to show you how to get the most out of it. She highlights destinations, hotels and restaurants on her blog and vlog.

21. Rachel Travels: Rachel retired from corporate America at the age of 27! She is travels all over the world and shows you how to do it without breaking the bank. Her workshops teach you how to build relationships with brands and run a successful blog business.

Hey Y'all!⠀ I have a ton of new followers and wanted to introduce myself! ⠀ +⠀ I am Rachel. 👸🏽⠀ I 'retired' from Corporate America at 27yo after silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression. ⠀ I left a promising, six-figure career to backpack solo through SE Asia.⠀ During that time, I started RachelTravels.com, to document my journey and share more about my travels.⠀ +⠀ Soon, I realized there was a HUGE gap in the narrative of what it means and looks like to be a Black woman, that travels solo. I also realized that most folks THINK traveling the world is really expensive (spoiler alert: it ain't!).⠀ +⠀ Through my love for marketing (I have an MBA in it), tech (I'm a former IT Project Manager), and world travel, I've turned my passions into a profitable online brand.⠀ +⠀ I have two missions:⠀ 1) To help you turn your passions into profit by building and utilizing your online influence. 2) Learn how to travel like a boss without breaking the bank.⠀ +⠀ Want to learn more about me, read my travel insights, or learn how to monetize your passions?⠀ >> www.RachelTravels.com⠀ or ⠀ Click the Link in the Bio for Freebies, Courses, Classes, or Consulting! ⠀ ⠀ 📷: @gobegreat.photos ⠀ #RachelTravels⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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22. Danielle of Hotel Whisperer: Danielle describes herself as a luxury hotel lover and global experiences collector. No matter where in the world you are traveling to, if you are looking for a luxury hotel, Danielle is the person to check with. She is also a senior editor for Ebony magazine and a contributor to many other publications such as Essence and Travel Noire.

23. Jewels of Travel Jewels: Jewels describes herself as a lover of cheap flights and authentic travel experiences. At some point last year, I subscribed to her blog and I am so glad that I did. It is clean and refreshing and pretty. Her pictures in destinations such as Brazil, Morocco and Bali are gorgeous and will surely cause wanderlust. With her blog, she not only inspires you to get to these destinations but gives practical advice on how to get there, what to do and even what to pack.

Grateful. 💫

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24. Nate Chambers of The Vagabond Experience: Nate describes himself as a World traveler, an adventurist a content creator, an adventurist, a wine enthusiast and a lover of luxury. Nate also has a YouTube channel with stunning images of luxury resorts, world adventures such as white water rafting the Nile River and river rafting in Uganda.

25. Kellee Edwards of Kellee Set Go: Last but definitely not least is Kellee Edwards. Kellee is a blogger and a vlogger and the new Travel Channel star of “Mysterious Islands”. She is a pilot and a scuba diver and uses these skills to explore destinations by land, air or by sea. Be sure to check out her new show!

And, if you are reading my blog for the first time-be sure to fall in love with me too! I am Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life Blog. I am an award winning travel, food and wine blogger. I am also a physician and balance work with traveling around the world. On my blog, you can expect my personal travel stories as well as travel guides to worldwide destinations. I have also been featured on Travel Channel.com, Essence magazine, The Huffington Post, MSN Travel, Buzzfeed and Travel Noire.

Switching gears from my recent trip to Park City to tell you about the NEW blog post on www.thesophisticatedlife.com. This is the Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town. It’s familiar to many people because of the colorful homes there. But it is also the center of the Cape Malay Muslim community that dates back to the 1700s! Take a lot at the blog post and read about this fascinating area. Have you been here? #bokaap #bokaaphouses #bokaapcapetown #capemalay #lovecapetown #capetown #wowsouthafrica #igerstravel #ig_travel #meetsouthafrica #thisisafrica #thisissouthafrica #ig_africa #ig_southafrica #instasouthafrica #luxurytravel #passionpassport #travelblog #travelblogger #visitcapetown #travelfly #girlsjustwannatravel #nomadness #essencetravels #travelnoire #blacktravelhackers #hardlyhome #blacktravelfeed #travelisthenewclub #blackgirlstraveltoo

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Honestly, this list could go on and on. There are so many amazing black travel bloggers making waves. Honorable mention goes out to the following black travel bloggers. They all have unique perspectives to share. JoAnna E,  Tomiko of Passports and Grub, Keisha of Kulture Junkie,  T.Michelle of The Travel Sista, Monique of An Unstoppable Journey, From Annette with Love, Jetsetters Diary, The Mom Trotter, The Traveling Child, Tiffany Travels and The Swiss Freis.

So, what do you think the list of my favorite black travel bloggers? Share your thoughts with us below.



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